Museum Entry and
American Veterans Memorial Walks

Help support the Butler Museum by purchasing a brick with your name or company on the brick and have it placed in the Entry Walk. You can purchase a brick with the name of an American Veteran and have it placed in the American Veterans Walk for Veterans of All Wars.

Museum Entry

As you enter the Butler Museum you walk on a brick entry. The bricks have the names of individuals, companies, and organization that have contributed to the building and operation of the Butler museum.

Each brick can be personalized with your name and/or company for contribution to the museum of $100.00. There is room on the brick for three lines of text. You can put your name, company name, "In Memory of", "In Honor of",or other message inscribed on your brick.

Samples of existing bricks in the walk.


  American Veterans Memorial Walk for Veterans of All Wars

Our American Veterans Memorial Walk is located just across the drive in front of the Museum front door. There is a new and very large lighted American Flag flying over the Veterans Walk.

Bricks may be purchased for this walk for $100.00 each in memory or in honor of any Veteran.
(Only ONE Veteran per brick)

Samples of existing bricks in the walk.

Mail-In Order Form
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Entry Walk Brick           American Veterans Walk

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